Run-Rite Shift-Rite

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Shift-Rite Transmission Treatment, by Run-Rite, is a unique transmission treatment designed to: retard fluid oxidation and breakdown, restore anti-wear agents, reduce and prevent leaks, improve valve body lubrication, and neutralize fluid contaminants.

Use Shift-Rite in all automotive and light truck automatic transmissions using automatic transmission fluid.

Your transmission fluid carries away heat, lubricates to prevent wear, adds operating force to aid clutches and bands and increases momentum in the torque converter to help drive the vehicle.

But often, standard ATF is not enough. Many shops keep as many as a dozen different specific ATF supplement fluids on hand. Shift-Rite can replace them all - and save you money at the same time!

Shift-Rite will:

  • Reduce transmission operating temperature
  • Eliminate clutch and torque converter chatters
  • Free sticking valves in the valve body and governor
  • Prevent harsh shifts and reduce clutch apply duration
  • Maintain fluid viscosity under a wide range of conditions
  • Inhibit fluid foaming and oxidation
  • Extend fluid life
  • Reduce wear in the transmission

Order yours today, extend the life of your automatic transmission!