Run-Rite 4 Step Fuel System Cleaner

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The complete multi-step fuel system cleaning kit. Run-Rite cleans the injectors or carburetor, the intake manifold, intake valves, combustion chambers, ring-land area, while treating valve seals and cleaning the throttle plate assembly. Run-Rite cleans safely, quickly, and effectively.

Since Run-Rite formulas contain no alcohol or methanol, they can be safely used on all gasoline powered combustion engines. This includes "multec" and "pintle-less" injectors as well. It is oxygen sensor safe and can be used on "coated" intake components.

This kit is the backbone of Run-Rite’s “Complete 4 Step Fuel System Cleaning” system.  These kits are available individually and by the case.  Additionally, individual components are also available.

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