Run-Rite 3-Step Fuel System Cleaner

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The complete multi-step fuel system cleaning kit. Run-Rite cleans the injectors or carburetor, the intake manifold, intake valves, combustion chambers, ring-land area, while treating valve seals and cleaning the throttle plate assembly. Run-Rite cleans safely, quickly, and effectively.

Since Run-Rite formulas contain no alcohol or methanol, they can be safely used on all gasoline powered combustion engines. This includes "multec" and "pintle-less" injectors as well. It is oxygen sensor safe and can be used on "coated" intake components.

Try Run-Rite 3-Step Fuel System Cleaning kits today - see first hand how they can increase both the quality of your fuel system cleaning work and the volume of fuel system cleanings you perform.  Because of the efficiency of Run-Rite’s fuel cleaning systems, you will be able to complete more cleanings in less time!

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