Muscle® Specialty Lubrication Products

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MPC is one of the leading manufacturers of high-technology, specialty lubricants, additives and greases. The MPC family of products includes oil additives, fuel conditioners, greases, spray lubricants, cutting oils, sporting equipment lubricants and automotive products as well.

MPC products are used in a VERY wide variety of industries.  Listed below is a SMALL sampling of the industries served by MPC.


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Oil and fuel additives, greases, cutting oil and spray lubricants for all types of industrial applications

Oil and fuel additives, grease, spray lubricants and other specialty products for your personal car or truck, as well as commercial vehicles and fleets

Lubricant Cleaner and protectant for firearms and weapons systems, plus lubricants and additives for many other applications

Lubricants, cleaners and grease for firearms, fishing reels, and other sporting equipment

Traction motor gear case additive and wheel mounting compound, plus lubricants, additives and grease for various applications