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Firepower FP-10 Lubricant Elite ™
Firearms and weapons systems cleaner, lubricant and preservative.

MT-10 Metal Treatment ™
Lubricant additive recommended for use in lubrication systems where extreme pressure and high friction-related heat and wear conditions are a concern.

PL-10 Power-Lift Grease ™
NLGI #2 lithium complex, extreme pressure/anti-wear, multi-purpose grease with high operating temperature and low washout.

FT-10 Fuel Treatment ™
Additive for complete fuel system maintenance in gasoline or diesel engines, as well as in bulk fuel storage tanks.

MO-10 Moist-Out ™
Demoisturant, light lubricant, and penetrant.

SL-10 Oil Can Lubricant ™
Heavy duty, industrial spray lubricant and penetrating oil.