Muscle® Products - SL-10 Spray Lube

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Muscle SL-10 Oil Can Lubricant offers the ultimate in friction and wear reduction. As a lithium complex based fuel and oil penetrant, it is the state-of-the-art spray lubricant available today. Simply using the base formula of SL-10, it out performed the nearest two competitors in laboratory tests. But, as do nearly all of the Muscle products, SL-10 also contains MT-10.  By adding MT-10 Metal Treatment to SL-10, as well as PL-10 Power-Lift Grease, SL-10 enhanced its own lubrication qualities, placing its abilities far and away aboave all other. An additional benefit of its complex forumla, SL-10 also works as an antirust protectant, with superior penetration abilities.

Use SL-10 to get these and many more great benefits:

    • Delivers Long-Lasting Protection Against Rust & Corrosion
    • Creeps Into Remote, Normally Inaccessible Areas
    • Offers Quick, Positive Lubrication Action
    • Provides Free-Flowing Protection

SL- 10 surpasses the lubrication specifications of all other spray lubricants. As an added benefit, SL-10 also upholds its excellent qualities, even with in heavy corrosion and maximum humidity.

SL-10 offers quick, positive, long-lasting lubrication on a broad spectrum of uses in industry, the automotive field and in the home.

SL-10 naturally flows deeply into hard-to-reach areas. SL-10 is optimized for:

metal mechanisms








chain drives



sporting equipment

any automotive applications

drag lines

industrial cables

metal-to-metal surfaces

SL-10 is also excellent for use in all industrial or commercial areas of lubrication that require an external lubricant for both accessible and hard-to-reach areas.

SL-10 is not an aerosol - it is packaged in convenient hand pump spray bottles and conforms to D.O.T. and OSHA regulations. The adjustable nozzle allows you to provide an overall misting of lubrication or pinpoint just the areas you want with a jet spray. You can also use SL-10 with Muscle's Air Pressurized Sprayer, which works as well as an aerosol, but utilizes compressed air.  The Air Pressurized Sprayer is refillable, reusable and environmentally safe.