Muscle® Products - SF-10 Smoke Free

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Smoke Free SF-10 offers these (and more) great benefits:

  • Reduces Exhaust Smoke
  • Reduces Oil Consumption
  • Reduces Noise from Valves & Lifters
  • Improves Engine Performance & Efficiency
  • Reduces Friction-Related Heat & Wear in the Engine
  • Contains MT-10 Metal Treatment™

Excessive exhaust smoke is caused by motor leaking into the combustion chamber.  The oil is consequently burned off during the normal ignition cycle. Older vehicles, or those with higher mileage often suffer this unfortunate condition due to wear on metal parts, causing gaps between the cylander walls and piston rings.

Muscle specially designed SF-10 to help seal these gaps  Because SF-10 also contains MT-10 Metal Treatment, it will also decrease heat caused by friction and wear of the moving metal parts of the engine.


Add one 12-oz. bottle of Smoke-Free SF-10 to oil in crankcase at or between oil changes. When adding between oil changes, do not overfill. Add SF-10 to the engine when it is idling at operating temperature.