Muscle® Products - PL-10 Power Lift

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Muscle PL-10 Power-Lift Grease has been formulated to for the most challenging conditions.  Due to its state of the art, unique formula, PL-10 serves as a water repellant universal lubricant which will stand up under most extreme pressure. It is non-corrosive and will is specially designed for maximum film strength, operating temperatures, and stability.   Lubrication life is key to the optimum constant work load placed on today's industrial and commercial equipment and machinery.

With a special base of complex lithium PL-10 surpasses all other lithium based greases under maximum pressure.  However, Muscle did not stop there.  PL-10 also has Muscle’s MT-10 Metal Treatment - adding MT-10's many great qualities like metal conditioning, friction reduction and heat elimination.

Benefits of using PL-10 include:

    • Adheres to Metal Exhibiting Top Performance in Roll Stability
    • Provides Protection Against Wear & Extreme Pressure
    • Provides Constant & Maximum Lubrication to All Areas
    • Offers the Maximum in Friction Reduction
    • Resists Water Washout


PL-10 has been rigidly tested via ASTM test methods. The results of these tests exhibit characteristics of a grease that is far superior to other greases of a similar nature. We have provided an explanation and comparison of these test methods, along with PL-10's characteristics as compared to the average greases that are available to industry today.

NLGI GRADE - PL-10 is of an NLGI Grade No. 2, which indicates its thickness or consistency. The NLGI scale begins at 0, which is a very liquid-type grease, and escalates to 6, which is extremely firm and approaches the state of a solid. The most common and widely used grade in industry is the No. 2 variety. In many cases, it can be substituted in place of No. 1, 3 and 4 grades, and in most cases, will outperform these greases. PL-10 contains a concentration of MT-10 Metal Treatment™ for the utmost in antifriction and antiwear. This, combined with the other superior extreme-pressure additives, make PL-10 a grease that is far beyond the normal aspects of increased lubricity.

PENETRATION - Penetration is the consistency or hardness of a grease measured by the distance a standard cone will penetrate the surface by a free fall at a standard temperature. This determines the grease's plasticity. PL-10 is listed as an NLGI No. 2 with a penetration of 277. This figure is well within the typical penetration parameters for an NLGI No. 2 grease, which is 265-295. These numbers are defined as millimeters and represent the actual cone penetration in millimeters within the grease from a predetermined height and temperature.

DROPPING POINT - PL-10 has a dropping point of 531°F. The dropping point of a grease is that temperature at which grease passes from a semi-solid to a liquid state. It is a qualitative indication of the heat resistance of grease on applications where a semi-solid lubricant is required. The typical dropping point temperatures of lithium base greases range from 350°F to 400°F. PL-10's dropping point far exceeds the high temperature for standard lithium based greases.