Muscle® Products - MT-10 Metal Treatment

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The Muscle line of specialty lubricants, additives and grease is centered around the MT-10 Metal Treatment. MT-10 is a maximum duty, metal conditioning formula specially designed for use in lubrication systems demanding special attention to extra protection against extreme pressure, friction-related heat and high-wear conditions.

Once added to the normal oil or grease for any specific function, MT-10 is delivered to all moving metal surfaces by by that partner oil or grease. MT-10 smoothes and seals metal surfaces to significantly decrease friction and heat. The result is less wear and smoother operation of the mechanism without risk of build up or changes in tolerances.

MT-10 blends well with all petroleum based and most synthetic based lubricants, increasing the performance of both.

Consider adding MT-10 to any of the following. MT-10 will improve on any level of protection you are already getting with “standard” oils, greases adn/or lubricants.


Most types of bearings, i.e., roller, tapered, ball, needle, sleeve, etc

All type of gears, gear couplings

Slides, rails, gibs and ways

Air conditioning and refrigeration systems

Vehicles - heavy equipment, trucks, fork lifts, all automobiles, motorcycles etc.

Differentials and transmissions

Electric motors

Basically anything having metal surfaces where frriction, heat or wear are possible

One case study were completed using a 50 hp electric motor (3 phase, 440 volt AC, driving a 10" x 9" oiless Chicago Pneumatic air compressor). These are the fantastic results:

Before treatment of the motor, several readings were taken and recorded. Under load conditions, the motor was drawing 62 amps, while under no-load conditions, the same compressor drew 50 amps. The liquid lubrication that was used to lubricate the 50 hp electric motor was then treated in an 8% by volume ratio of MT-10. After one day of continuous running, readings were taken again. The same motor treated with MT-10 now showed a draw of 50 amps under load. This is a reduction of 12 amperes, or a 19% increase in efficiency. Under the no-load condition, the current dropped to 25 amperes. This is a loss of 25 amperes, or a 50% increase in efficiency. Twenty-four hours later, another reading was taken and it was observed that the no-load condition once again had seen 5 more amperes in current drop, while the loaded condition remained the same. Individual tests may vary from motor to motor, but in each case, the reduction in current draw will be significant and extremely cost effective.

Being the cornerstone, MT-10 is a base constituent of nearly all products in the Muscle product ine.  As a result, the Muscle products perform at the highest levels of any specialty lubricants and additives available worldwide.