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DEMOISTURANT: MO-10 is a fast-acting drying agent for quick and thorough moisture displacement in damp or soaked electrical or electronic systems. A migrating film works its way under moisture, driving it to the surface where it dries or can be wiped off.  Afterward, an extremely thin residual film resists rust and corrosion. MO-10 does not contain carbon tetrachloride, so it will not harm insulation. Areas of Use include Wet or damp ignitions, electrical systems, motors, controls, starters, relays, radios, electronic equipment, etc.

Muscle MO-10 Moist-Out is the expert's choice. By combining four qualities in a single product, MO-10 has excells above all other demoisturants, while removing moisture, lubricating, penetrating and stopping rust dead in its tracks.

LIGHT BUT LASTING LUBRICANT: MO-10 provides a quick, positive, long-lasting lubrication on wide varieties of applications, to a variety of industries. Whether in the shop and garage, the farm or at home, MO-10 is excellent for automobiles and equipment, flowing and lubricating deeply into hard-to-reach internal areas. Some applications include: Metal mechanisms, gears, locks, linkages, wheel bearings, metal-to-metal surfaces, cams, levers, engines, motors, slides, hinges, garden equipment, etc.

As a penetrant MO-10 is the penultimate solution to many maintenance and production issues involving rust and corrosion. On even the most severly rusted componants or parts, it will works fast and thoroughly.  MO-10 absorbs quickly into rusted or corroded parts to loosen scale and free up working mechanisms, tight fitting parts and frozen fastenings. Because MO-10 has such a low surface tension, it accelerates penetration even in otherwise inaccessible areas. MO-10 does not harm painted surfaces. Applications include: Rusted lugs or bolts, sliding parts, sluggish mechanisms, hinges, tools, products in storage, gear trains, wheels, rotating apparatus, linkages, cams, levers, industrial equipment, etc. As a rust and corrosion inhibitor, MO-10 stops rust dead in its tracks. Its unique formula combines the best rust and oxidation preventatives available. MO-10 searches for rust, stops the oxidation process and stops additional rust from forming.

MO-10 rejects many airborne contaminants, like smoke, dust and mold, due to its electrochemical surface bonding technique. It causes a dipole-dipole interaction and cation exchange on metal surfaces. By creating an increased positive charge on metal surfaces, positive charged airborne contaminants (+ ions) react, causing a repulsion between the two.

As do nearly all of MPC's products, MO-10 takes advantage of Muscle MT-10 Metal Treatment™, a top rated anti-friction, metal-treatment, blended from petroleum products WITHOUT graphites, PTFE, silicones, molys or synthetics. The dielectric strength of MO-10 is rated at 45 KV (45,000 volts).

MO-10 is not an aerosol. Packaged in convenient hand pump spray bottles it conforms to DOT and OSHA regulations. With a variable spray nozzle, MO-10 allows you to spray a general mist of lubrication or specifically target the areas you desire with an intense jet spray. When combinedYou with Muscle's Air Pressurized Sprayer, which works as well as an aerosol, you can utilize compressed air. The Air Pressurized Sprayer is refillable, reusable and environmentally safe.