Muscle® Products - LP-10 Lithium Grease

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Some key Advantages of using LP-10 are:

    • Contains MT-10 Metal TreatmentTM for Increased Boundary Film Protection
    • Adheres to Metal, Extending the Life of Treated Metal Parts
    • Provides Protection Against Wear & Extreme Pressure
    • Protects all Internal Moving Metal Parts of Equipment
    • Temperature Operating Range -30°F to 250°F
    • Provides Constant Lubrication to All Areas
    • Reduces Downtime & Maintenance Costs
    • A Cost Effective Lithium Replacement
    • Reduces Operating Temperatures
    • Resists Water Washout

LP-10 Lithium EP "Plus" Grease is a unique antiwear, extreme-pressure grease.  LP-10 offers the advantages of wear resistance and high load capacity even in high, constant and/or intermittent stress.  With Muscle MT-10 Metal Treatment in its formula, LP-10 increases boundary film protection.

LP-10 can be used on axles, bearings, chassis fittings, conveyors, pumps, universal joints, wheel bearings (with the exception of disk brakes) . . . and any other industrial, automotive or commercial area of lubrication that requires a cost-effective, antiwear, extreme-pressure solid lubricant.

CAUTION: When switching from one grease to another, the system should be purged to avoid compatibility problems. LP-10 is NOT compatible with aluminum, barium, calcium complex, bentone, sodium or polyurea grease.