Muscle® Products - IC-10 BlueIce Fuel Treatment

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BlueIce IC-10 Fuel Injector, Carburetor & Valve Cleaner™ is a specially formulated cleaner designed to outperform all others.  With a unique blend of cleaners and scrubbers, it is superior for removing gums, varnishes, carbon deposits and corrosive build up.

Like all Muscle product, IC-10 contains Muscle MT-10 Metal Treatment. By creating extraordinary lubrication in the upper cylinders and valves, it also inhibits scoring, wear and carbon build up. IC-10 removes water completely from the system, creating a smooth clean burn that will not harm injector armatures and pintles.

FT-10 eliminates rough idling and stalling, increases mileage and improves the overall performance of the engine while reducing harmful vehicle emissions at the same time.

IC-10 is safe and recommended for all systems - gas or diesel - including turbochargers.

Key advantages of using IC-10 are:

    • Cleans & protects injectors, carburetors, valves & upper cylinders
    • Removes gums, varnishes, carbon deposits & corrosive build up
    • Protects against scoring, wear & carbon build up
    • Completely breaks down & disperses water
    • Protects injectors from water damage
    • Lubricates valves & upper cylinders
    • Increases performance & mileage

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Prior to gasoline fill up, add 12 oz. of BlueIce IC-10 to fuel tank for 12 to 25 gallon tanks. Fill fuel tank with gasoline to blend thoroughly. For fuel tanks larger than 25 gallons (26 to 50 gallons), add 24 oz. of IC-10. Drive as usual.

Recommended Follow Up Maintenance: Add IC-10 according to above method, approximately every 10,000 miles. However, you may use IC-10 at any time necessary to reduce rough engine performance due to inferior quality gasoline received at the fuel pumps.

For continued performance and protection, use Muscle FT-10 Fuel Treatment with every gasoline fill up. With the continued use of FT-10, you will keep your entire fuel system clean while driving.