Muscle® Products - FT-10 Fuel Treatment

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  • Provides Better Atomization, Increasing Combustion of Fuel & Fuel Mileage
  • Disperses Water & Moisture in Fuel and Uniformly Combusts With Fuel
  • Provides Upper Cylinder Lubrication, Extending Engine Life
  • Cleans Your Engine's Combustion System While Driving
  • Dissolves & Removes Gum Deposits from Fuel Lines
  • Enhances Octane, Preventing Dieseling & Pinging
  • Protects the Fuel System from Rust & Corrosion
  • Inhibits Formation of Fuel Gums & Resins
  • Improves Total Engine Performance
  • Cleans Carburetors & Fuel Injectors
  • Eliminates Rough Idling & Staffing
  • Reduces Gasoline Consumption
  • Blasts Upper Cylinder Carbon
  • Reduces Harmful Emissions
  • Prevents Vapor Locking

FT-10 cleans the entire fuel system while driving. By removing gums and resins from the carburetor, fuel lines and fuel tank, the life of spark plugs, fuel injectors and catalytic systems will be increased.

After cleaning a the system with the addition of FT-10, rough idling and stalling will be eliminated. Fuel consumption will be reduced significantly. Clean carburetors or fuel injection systems perform optimally because of improved air/fuel mixtures.

FT-10 eliminates water and moisture from the fuel system, stopping fuel line freeze-ups and stalling caused by moisture in the lines. Water can be “created” overnight if the tank is not full. Temperature changes can cause condensation to form.  Adhering to the inside of your fuel tank, moisture will be mixed into the fuel itself. Once in the engine cylinders, this will cause rough idling and poor engine performance. FT-10 molecularly breaks down and suspends this moisture in the fuel to achieve a more efficient burn.

Because of the improved efficiency of your engine, FT-10 protects the environment by increasing the efficiency of fuel burning by providing a high state of oxidation. Harmful emissions, such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and dioxins are reduced. Independent emissions testing has proven FT-10 to be superior in reducing harmful exhaust emissions up to 100%.

FT-10 works with all grades of gasoline, leaded or unleaded.


  • Breaks Water Down, Allowing It to Move Through the System Harmlessly
  • Inhibits Fungi & Bacteria Build Up in Fuel
  • Reduces Formation of Corrosion or Rust
  • Provides Upper Cylinder Lubrication
  • Cleans Injectors & Pump System
  • Reduces Gelling & Waxing
  • Reduces Soot & Carbon

FT-10 is unique in its field. It surpasses all other products in both diesel and gasoline engines.


One of the more serious problems associated with fuel oil is long-term storage. The growth of fungi and bacteria causes serious filtering problems in stored fuel oil in the home or business (i.e., oil storage during the summer season). Clogged filters and lines or complete failure of automatic mechanisms can be eliminated by treating fuel oil with FT-10.