Muscle® Products - FP-10 Firepower Gun Lube

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Firepower FP-10 Lubricant Elite™ is a cleaner, lubricant, and protectant for firearms. A petrochemical product specifically formulated for the serious fiream lover. With its exquisite performance record and feature set, there is no better solution for cleaning and lubricating your firearms.

FP-10 improves bore accuracies due to its unique metal-treating capabilities.  The coefficients of friction between the bullet surface and rifling lands of the barrel are significantly reduced. The result is an increase in linear bullet velocities as well as a  more even distribution of chamber pressure (c.u.p.) during ignition and bullet flight within the bore. Additionally, the reduction of the coefficients of friction means reduced friction-related heat and wear on all moving metal parts of the weapon.

Like all Muscle prducts, FP-10 contains Muscle MT-10 Metal Treatment™. The results of using MT-10 are smoother sealed metal surfaces, while avoiding build and changes in tolerance.  FP-10 causes a reaction within the bore as the treated static metals of the rifled lands assist in ballistic movement of the bullet.  The result is a more even build up of pressure when fired, due to the decreased frictional resistance from the lands, yielding improved accuracy with better average velocities, extreme spreads, standard deviations and bullet groupings.

While there are many great benefits to using FP-10 on all your firearms, here is a small list of just a few:

    • Keeps Weapons Functional in Adverse Conditions
    • Dramatically Improves Lubrication
    • Cleans Firearm & Removes Leading
    • Removes Burnt Powder & Dirt
    • Shields Against Corrosion
    • Penetrates Remote Areas
    • Stops & Inhibits Rust