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While researching anti-misting fuel for the US Navy, Viscon discovered that its technology exhibited properties beneficial to internal combustion engines. From research in anti-misting fuel evolved the patented technology of Viscon, a 100% hydrocarbon, which when added to gasoline reduces knock, increases horsepower and reduces emissions.

Viscon, a non-toxic anti-knock agent, represents a significant departure from the hazardous chemicals such as tetraethyl lead ("lead") and the oxgenator MTBE. These long used additives effect only the chemistry of hydrocarbon combustion while Viscon effects only the fluid dynamics of fuel.

Viscon is the first additive to alter the way fuel atomizes. Before Viscon, atomization was controlled by mechanical means, not through the composition of fuel itself. Hundreds of million dollars have been spent in the research of better carburetors and improved diesel injectors. Little has been spent on the physical chemistry of fuel.

By altering the physical chemistry of fuel, Viscon has accomplished what others have tried to do through mechanical improvements to the air/fuel mixing process. Viscon bridges the gap between mechanical engineering and fuel design.

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