GTA Fuel Enhancer Gasoline FAQs

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Four-Cycle Gasoline (Automobiles)

What happens if I put too much Viscon in my gasoline?
Putting more than twice the recommended amount of Viscon in your fuel may negate the effects of Viscon. This dosage will not harm your engine but you may not see any benefits.

Will Viscon damage my catalytic converter?
No. Most catalytic converters suffer damage when they are overheated or are subjected to chemicals that bind with and neutralize their catalysts. Since Viscon is a 100% hydrocarbon, and therefore, does not introduce any harmful chemicals to a catalytic converter.

Does Viscon work as well in an engine with a carburetor as one with a fuel injector?
Yes. Viscon will work just as well in both.

Will Viscon effect the oxygen sensor in my car?
In some cars, the oxygen sensor, which feeds back to the engine control module, will cause the engine to idle higher. After about a tank of fuel, the injection system recalibrates itself and idles as it did without Viscon.

Does Viscon improve mileage in all cars?
Ninety-five percent of the automobiles that used Viscon improved their mileage. Some cars, however, may experience a temporary reduction in mileage. This is caused by the oxygen sensor detecting a higher ratio of oxygen in the exhaust. The engine control module (ECM) will compute that the engine is running lean and enrich the mixture. This will continue until the ECM learns that it is dealing with new conditions and adjusts to these new conditions. The time of delay in learning is directly related to the specific ECM. Recent results indicate that the Cadillac North Star system responds very quickly to the presence of Viscon.

How does Viscon effect engine timing?
Viscon will widen the tuning tolerance of any engine. Viscon has been demonstrated to allow increased spark advance before knock. Therefore, a small advance in spark can be used to improve mechanical efficiency of your engine.

Will Viscon improve the octane rating of gasoline?
The octane number of a fuel denotes its ability to resist pre-ignition combustion. Combustion gas temperature has a direct relationship on an engine's octane requirement. Viscon reduces combustion gas temperature and reduces the engine's octane requirement.

Two-Stroke Gasoline

How should I mix Viscon with 2-stroke oil and fuel?
Viscon can be mixed with a 2-stroke gas/oil mixture or can be added to 2-stroke oil. The dosage is the same as for 4-cycle engines.

Will Viscon effect my oil-to-gasoline ratio?
Viscon improves the efficiency of a 2-stroke engine. This reduces the amount of fuel and lubrication in the engine. For high performance engines using high fuel to oil ratio it is recommended that the oil content be increased to make up for the reduction in fuel consumption.