GTA Fuel Enhancer Diesel FAQs

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Diesel Two-Stroke and Four-Stroke

What makes Viscon unique?
GTAT uses an additive to fuel to improve air/fuel mixture preparation which is normally addressed by engineers modifying engine hardware. GTAT’s Viscon technology modifies the fuel’s physical properties, rather than fuel chemistry. The inventors of Viscon discovered that diesel fuel’s physical behavior stands in the way of optimizing air/fuel mixture in diesel engines and devised a way to modify the behavior.

What is the technology behind Viscon?
Viscon is a spin off of work to make an aircraft fuel that will not explode when a fuel tank is hit by a projectile or when an airplane fuel tank is ruptured in a crash. It was discovered at that time that addition of a high molecular weight polymer to jet fuel eliminated the black cloud of smoke associated with ignition of misted jet fuel in a crash. Follow on work demonstrated that the polymer changed the physical properties of a sprayed fuel, improving the uniformity of droplet size and distribution, and modifying its vaporization behavior.

Is Viscon safe for use in diesel engines?
Viscon is a formulation of pure hydrocarbons which is completely compatible with diesel fuel systems and diesel engines. A different form of the active ingredient in Viscon has been used in diesel fuel for more than fifty years.

Why does Viscon work in diesel as well as gasoline engines?
The efficiency of combustion in both diesel and gasoline engines is controlled by the properties of the air/fuel mixture in the cylinder at the time of ignition and during burn. In both engines the physical behavior of the fuel following injection effects the uniformity of the air/fuel mixture. By modifying a fuel’s physical properties, Viscon makes diesel and gasoline air/fuel mixtures more uniform, improving combustion efficiency in both.

Will Viscon reduce engine noise?

Will Viscon work on a direct injection and an indirect injection engine?

How does Viscon affect spray patterns?
Viscon reduces the Sauter mean volume diameter of sprayed fuel. It also makes droplet size distribution across an injector spray cone more uniform. Finally, Viscon causes the mass of fuel to be more evenly distributed across the spray cone.