GIBBS® Mega Penetrant

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GIBBS is the ultimate, patented, supreme, penetrating, lubricating, rust remover & universal surface conditioning fluid.

 IT doesn't Eat Rust, IT REVERSES the effects of oxidation!

GIBBS is NOT just kerosene put into a can with masking perfumes like most other common low cost sprays. Originally invented by while rebuilding an old Harley Davidson motorcycle, GIBBS is a product whose time has come.

GIBBS will outperform most penetrating oils!!  Gibbs cannot even be compared to other products - it is in a class by itself!

GIBBS mega-penetrates. GIBBS loosens up frozen bolts and frees up parts and components “right quick”!!

GIBBS ultra lubricates all machinery, mechanisms and assemblies!!

GIBBS abolishes corrosion by inhibiting its development with a microscopic residual molecular bond finish!

GIBBS replaces all other penetrants, degreasers, spray on lubricants, white lithium greases, silicones, teflons, contact cleaners, carburetor cleaners, ignition wire dryers, belt dressings, and treatments for vinyl, leather and wood.

The uses for GIBBS are nearly unlimited. However, we have listed just a few below. GIBBS will help nearly ANY situation that involves metal parts of any kind!

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