GIBBS Mega Penetrant - Unlimited Uses!

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Removing rust from chrome - All rims, trim, bumpers, machined and polished steel, etc. - Spray GIBBS on to soak it good. GIBBS starts working immediately. After several minutes, get a regular wire brush or a wire wheel and a rag. On lite surface rust, at this point you can rub it with your fingernail and the rust will scrape right off! Brush the surface lightly back and forth a half dozen strokes, the same way you would brush your teeth and then wipe the area with the rag. The rust will be gone! Continue the process. On real bad rust, spray it again and leave it alone. If the plating is pitted through from underneath and peeling, there's nothing you can do about that at this point...

They should have had GIBBS sooner!!! GIBBS will clean up the rust on the remaining chrome that's left. After spraying with GIBBS, the chrome will now be waterproofed and can be left outside for months without rusting and water will still stand up and bead on it!!

WINDOW TRACKS - Roll down the window. Spray GIBBS into the track from the top of the track, working down to where it meets with the window glass. Now roll the window up and down several times. See how it starts to glide up and down. Repeat as necessary, especially on occasionally used trucks which sit outdoors and get tight and stuck. GIBBS is especially excellent on electric window tracks which are jamming and jerking, this will prevent motor overworking and burnout.

METAL PROJECTS: Drilling, Sawing, Tapping, Welding...

DRILLING - Shoot GIBBS onto the bit and into the hole being bored. You will get neat turnings if the bit is new and it will drill many more holes before it becomes dull. Hate sticky chucks? Who doesn't? Spray GIBBS into drill chucks and work them all the way open and closed 3 to 5 times and then they will never jam up again!!

SAWING - Shoot GIBBS into the blade while it's working and it will cut without laboring or slowing down and last longer. What you save on blades in a year will be more money than all your GIBBS costs you! Good with Jigsaws, Sawsall, Makitas, Bandsaws, Hacksaws, Keyhole saws, etc...

TAPS & DIES - Apply GIBBS to the taps & dies prior to and during the threading process. Threads will cut better and cutting edges will live longer. GIBBS is great with automatic electric pipe threaders, etc. Just shoot the GIBBS stream into the working area.

WELDING - Spray GIBBS onto all metal after welding, even if slag is not chipped away. The weld is now waterproof outdoors. Rust will NOT set in and it can even be painted !

STEEL CABLES - On tow trucks, cranes, drag lines and skidders - GIBBS penetrates deep into the cable. GIBBS leaves a deposit of lubricants and rust inhibitors within the cable core that extend the life of the cable manyfold. GIBBS prevents the cable from corroding from the inside out. GIBBS integrates with grease and compounds its ability.

RADIATOR SHOPS - Spray GIBBS on transmission lines, hose clamps, gooseneck nuts, bolts and threaded holes in the block. You will never have problems removing these pieces anymore.

TOOL RECOVERY - Spray the corroded or frozen tools (such as frozen needle nose pliers, vice grips, adjustable wrenches, shears, etc.) with GIBBS and let them stand for about 5 minutes. Then knock the tools open and closed. As GIBBS begins to loosen the tool, apply more GIBBS into the joints again. They will work loose in a few minutes. Finally, use your rotary wire wheel to brush the tools, then   wipe them down with GIBBS.   They will be like new again, now that they have GIBBASIZED!!

TRAILERS - Put GIBBS into all of the hitches, wiring connectors, break aways, chains and stabilizers. Spray GIBBS into the top hole on ALL Screw Jacks and they will remain free as a whistle!! Don't forget the binders, ratchets, and come alongs.

TIRE MACHINES - GIBBS makes tires go on and off like melted butter! The machine runs like the tire's not even there! Especially those Large TRACTOR RIMS!

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