GIBBS Mega Penetrant - As a Paint Undercoat

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GIBBS is a Paint Undercoating.

Painting surfaces treated with GIBBS - how much easier could it be???

On rusty metal: Fenders, cast iron blocks, and so on... It's a 1, 2, 3 process:

  • 1) Apply GIBBS to the surface and let it soak.
  • 2) After awhile, brush the surface with a wire brush or wheel enough to loosen and remove scale and flaking paint. Wipe dry with clean rags.
  • 3) Apply paint, either by spray or brush....

Let the painted areas sit in the sun and get hot. (If there's no sun, use lamps.) This will bake the paint into the metal by forcing it into the cell structure with the GIBBS undercoat as it penetrates into the metal. By itself, paint is NOT a PENETRANT. It's a coating. That's why it peels off after time just like a snakeskin. GIBBS works by bonding with the paint and carrying it deeper into the molecular structure of the surface than it could ever go by itself.

GIBBS becomes a waterproof undercoating beneath the paint.

Equipment rebuilders and restorers normally have to sandblast rust then clean it with thinners to get the grime off. Next, they have to apply primer coatings and wait for them to dry, then clean around the primer and prepare the surface for painting. After that, they need to clean the grime from this again with solvents and prep for the actual painting. That's six steps, four items and lots of extra fumes.

Forget all that time and expense!  No solvents, thinners, primers and all those fumes! No more preparation and the time between each step!

Once again, with GIBBS it’s just 1, 2, 3...!!

  • 1) Spray GIBBS over the Rust..
  • 2) Brush with a wire brush and wipe off with clean rags..
  • 3) PAINT IT!!!


  • 1) Sandblast...
  • 2) Spray with GIBBS and wipe...
  • 3) PAINT IT!

You can even sandblast right down to the raw metal surface. Just spray GIBBS on it and then you can leave it OUTSIDE for days or even weeks in the weather, dew, rain, etc.!!! Then you simply wipe it down and apply the paint!

GIBBS is your total waterproofer undertreatment prior to painting. Order yours on-line now!