GIBBS Mega Penetrant - On Guns

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Military, hunters, shooters: GIBBS will improve ALL firearm action, especially automatics and semi-automatics. GIBBS will preserve valuable pieces, in & out of use. A weapon that's GIBBASIZED with GIBBS & put into a cabinet or vault will be exactly as left - for up to 5 years! GIBBS waterproofs weapons in the field - sufficiently to withstand complete submersion!

GIBBS will treat & preserve both wood stocks & barrel bluing. GIBBS eliminates and prevents tarnish from lead rounds & brass casings. It won't hurt the load either!

GIBBS contains NO acids, corrosives, silicones, or teflons.

Use GIBBS on all your outdoor equipment - including fishing gear and much more!

GIBBS is excellent on fly casting reels, especially internal steel springs & all metal parts. Even use GIBBS on boats, engines and drives.

GIBBS will not disturb game or fish. It has no scents or perfumes.  After application and absorption, there are no harmful fumes or residues.

GIBBS will eliminate ALL the usual rust & corrosion problems on muzzle loaders.

GIBBS is used continuously by gun clubs, and ranges, as well as rifle & machinery museums.