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Friction Reducing Metal Treatments

Muscle® Products include automotive lubricants, coolants and specialized metal treatments. State of the art, advanced technology Muscle lubricants are great for reducing wear on all moving metal parts, especially in automobiles.  Other applications include firearms, commercial and industrial applications and any other high-friction situations, Muscle lubricants and coolants offer great value!

GIBBS® Mega-Penetrant - Rust Remover, Corrosion Eliminator, Universal Surface Conditioner, Weapons, Water-Proofer, Paint Preparation, Swimming Pool Valves...

GIBBS Mega-Penetrant - The silent giant in the industry!!!

They call it "GOLD IN A BOTTLE"!

Firepower FP-10™ - Outdoors - Military Products

FirePower FP-10

Firepower FP-10™ Firearms & weapon systems lubricant, cleaner & preservative. Firepower FP-10™ has been formulated with the serious shootist, soldier, law enforcement officer, sportsman and professional armorer in mind. The ultimate in total care and maintenance of firearms, weapons and weapons systems, FP-10 is able to clean, remove lead, lubricate, guard against extreme pressure and wear, plus protect from corrosion.

Petroleum & Oils

Rugged® Products represent the very best in petroleum and synthetic based all season motor oils.  Rugged’s all season motor oils work as hard as you do! Don’t forget Rugged’s brake fluid, power steering fluid, engine coolant, fuel injector cleaners, octane boosters, automatic transmission fluids and gear oils and brake parts cleaner. Rugged all season motor oils are available in bulk packages, including quart, 5 gallon drums, 55 gallon drums and more!